Multitude of people

Diversity & Leadership

Embracing Diversity/Difference

Diversity and difference, not sameness and “alignment” of cultural values, lie at the heart of who we are, how we work with each other and how we effect change. When our identities and intentions “bump up” against each other, how do we respond, how do we negotiate with each other so that we can “get the work done anyway”? Out of that interplay of intentions comes both continuity and real innovation.

How do we explore both similarities and differences in our place of work?

Rethinking Leadership

Leadership and management literature have failed us; they have set up impossible, idealistic standards that only overwhelm and frustrate. Let’s not ask how we should be leaders, but rather – and more critically – how we actually are leaders. How do we get through the power-politics, challenges and conflicts of each day?

Is there another way to be a leader, other than dominating, manipulating and controlling, no matter how sensitive, benevolent and understanding we might try to be?